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[title size=”2″]Wireless Merchant Account[/title]Accept credit cards anywhere, anytime with a wireless merchant account. Whether you have a service business that works at your customer’s location or if you take your retail business on the road, wireless processing is an easy and cost-effective way to accept credit cards wherever your customers happen to be.


The PCI PTS online and offline certified S90 is a compact, secure and ruggedized payment terminal capable of processing payments anywhere a wireless connection is available. Equipped with a powerful CPU, large memory, long-lasting Li-Ion battery, and a high-speed thermal printer, the S90 is an ideal payment device for use in transportation and delivery services, airline in-flight services, parking services, mobile vendors, and any application where internet and telephone connectivity is unavailable. The S90 supports store-and-forward and multiple payment applications, making this a powerful solution for all business applications.[/one_half]

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Mobile is Great for the Following Businesses:

– Retail – Delivery – Mobile Vendors – Fairs & Markets – Limousine & Taxi – Audio/Video Installers – Traveling Sales People
Stadium & Arena Sales  – Golf and Tennis Venues – Conventions / Exhibitions – Contractors & Consultants – Restaurant & Food Services


mobileMobile Solution
Payments On The Go…

Now you can process credit cards and checks with your Smartphone, iPad, or iPod Touch (with firmware 2.0).
No special hardware is required, just your mobile device! Save money and space by using one device.
You won’t need a credit card terminal or phone line. Transactions are processed on the spot, while selling products or when services are rendered. Innovative mobile payment processing solution that provides you the flexibility and convenience to accept credit card payments anywhere in the world with a data connection.


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