Excellent customer service is taking the time to listen to exactly what the customer needs. Our expert customer service representatives are trained to do exactly that…LISTEN!!

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[testimonial name=”Jackie” gender=”female” company=”Home Design & Furniture, Palm Coast, FL“] CoreTranz is an excellent credit card processing company with great rates and customer service. Whenever I had an issue, the staff was always very friendly wanting to help resolve the issue immediately.[/testimonial]


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[testimonial name=”Emil” gender=”female” company=”Monmouth Paper, Manasquan, NJ“]CoreTranz was very persistent in having us upgrade to new equipment. I was very happy with their follow through and customer service. I am extremely happy with the new equipment and felt the transition went very smoothly. [/testimonial]


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[testimonial name=”Travis” gender=”male” company=”T&D Auto Repair, Ormond Beach, FL“]My experience with CoreTranz has been very good. I can always contact customer service, and they are very helpful. I really appreciate their flat-rate fees and how easy it is to use their services.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Lizz” gender=”female” company=”Edward V. Murachanian Attorney at Law, Brick, NJ“]”The fact we have not had to contact CoreTranz shows how happy we are with savings and their service and how smoothly the transition went. Very happy we did so.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Russell Holstein” gender=”male” company=”PHD, Long Branch, NJ“]I work on a trust system and I trust CoreTranz is providing the lowest possible rates. Our office is often very busy and I’m glad I have not had to call their office with any issues. I’m very satisfied with overall service.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Jim” gender=”male” company=”Saxon’s Wrecker and Auto, Palm Coast, FL“]I like saving money. I was with SunTrust for so many years and they took advantage of me. I am very happy with CoreTranz and have recommended them to several people. When I had a problem, it was solved very quickly that same day.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Branan” gender=”male” company=”Ward Media Group, St. Augustine, FL“]I wanted to thank you for great service. Prior to signing with CoreTranz, I gave intuit a fair chance to keep my business by asking for a rate review. They said 3 days. After not hearing from them for a week I signed with CoreTranz. Then I received an email saying there was a $100 charge extra this month. I immediately cancelled with Intuit. Thank you for being helpful and responsive through the transition.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Laura” gender=”female” company=”Hammock Decor, Palm Coast, FL“]Good customer service stands out with Coretranz. I’ve always received the quickest response and always felt comfortable calling with any type of question. Happy enough with my pricing plan.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Mike” gender=”male” company=”Sweet Pea, Flagler Beach, FL“]Everything has been great in working with CoreTranz. The ease of contacting the CoreTranz team is just one of the reasons why I would be more than likely to recommend them to a colleague. Escalated support has also been on top of their game in regards to their responsiveness and eagerness to help. Not only am I impressed with the ease of communication but also the service I have received.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Thea” gender=”male” company=”Dave’s A-1 Auto, Bunnel, FL“]I thought my pricing was low before I met Jack and CoreTranz. I have been thrilled with CoreTranz and recommend them to everyone. They are easy to deal with and great pricing. That’s all that you need to know.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Andy” gender=”male” company=”Computer Troubleshooters, Red Bank, NJ“]It’s been a pleasure working with Coretranz. Always receive wonderful customer service but luckily have not had to contact them often with any issues. I am very satisfied with the pricing plan.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Audrey” gender=”female” company=”Four Seasons Contracting, Ocean, NJ“]Would definitely recommend Coretranz because of the pricing/savings plan. I am very happy with the substantial savings each month.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Jack” gender=”male” company=”Revelle Design, St. Augustine, FL“]Coretranz’s staff provides friendly, easily accessible service. We are very pleased with our monthly fees and transaction costs. The pricing plans really fit our needs. We would happily recommend CoreTranz.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Paul” gender=”male” company=”Paul’s Treasure, Palm Coast, FL“]Being a new business owner, CoreTranz was there continuously to help through the start up process. It was very easy to reach them when needed. Since then, everything has been running smoothy and we are extremely happy with the service. We are interested in learning about other products CoreTranz has to offer.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Kendra” gender=”female” company=”Servpro, Bunnell, FL“]CoreTranz’s staff is very friendly. The transition was very smooth and easy without issues. I really like that everything is in QuickBooks, a one-stop shop with the CoreTranz integration. I love that the reports are emailed to me very quickly. I am aware of the Lowest Price Guarantee Policy.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Dee” gender=”female” company=”A Kitchen Connection, St. Augustine, FL“]I received a quick response when I had a problem with American Express. Jack checks in on me weekly to make sure everything runs smoothly. The CoreTranz staff demonstrates prompt professional attention to my account. I can see the savings from my last processor. I switched because I’m in a networking group and am very happy with my decision.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Roni” gender=”male” company=”Flagler County Chamber of Commerce, Palm Coast, FL“]The service was awesome and the staff is great! I always received an immediate response whenever I called. The transition to CoreTranz was smooth and simple with no interference to our business. I’m completely satisfied with everything they’ve done for us.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Grace” gender=”female” company=”Grace’s Place, Palm Coast, FL“]CoreTranz got the job done. They were always able to get right back to me about all my needs. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Matt” gender=”male” company=”Auto Design, South Daytona, FL“]CoreTranz’s service is prompt and their pricing plans are a good value. My experience with them has been very satisfying.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Jackie” gender=”female” company=”Bayshore Storage, Keansburg, NJ“]CoreTranz has continued to provide fast and accurate customer service for me and my business. My experience so far has been excellent.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Micheal” gender=”male” company=”Micheal A Diamonds, Hasbrouck, NJ“]It was always easy to get in contact with someone at CoreTranz. The staff took their time to help and explain things to me every time. I would recommend CoreTranz without hesitation. They are very experienced, professional, and prompt. I am very happy with everything, and their service is perfect![/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Donald” gender=”male” company=”Young’s Equipment Sales LLC, Maplewood, NJ“]CoreTranz made my transition very smooth and easy. The service was so good that I have already recommended them to my colleagues. We had never used a terminal to take credit cards before, but our new machine works great![/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Judy” gender=”female” company=”Coastal Mermaid, Palm Coast, FL“]Everyone at CoreTranz was extremely helpful! Especially the sales rep, who stopped by to make sure everything was ok. I look forward to all the savings I’ve heard so much about. I would recommend them to everyone.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Mike” gender=”male” company=”Contemporary Motor Cars, Oceanport, NJ“]CoreTranz’s customer service is very good. I am very satisfied with pricing and their Lowest Price Guarantee. I found it easy to contact CoreTranz quickly to address any concerns. I would recommend CoreTranz to everyone.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Matt” gender=”male” company=”Farley’s Irish Pub, Palm Coast, FL“]Everyone at CoreTranz is a star. They have helped pull my coals out of the fire several times now. The service and savings with them is terrific! I would absolutely recommend them to anyone.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Dr. Monahan” gender=”male” company=”Monahan Chiropractic“]I would like to extend my sincere appreciation and thank you for offering your services to Monahan Chiropractic at a very generous savings of 30% on all our credit card processing fees. I will definitely be referring you to other businesses.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Paulo” gender=”male” company=”Tile Importers, Farmingdale, NJ“]CoreTranz has always been able to meet my needs. They were very pleasant and have always been able to call me back, even when I was busy. Their staff always followed up with me until my switch over was complete. I would recommend CoreTranz to all my colleagues for their credit card processing.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Barbara” gender=”female” company=”Flagler Schools, Palm Coast, FL“]It was so easy to speak with someone when I needed help. Their customer service was excellent and the savings are incredible. I can’t believe how much I’m saving with CoreTranz![/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Karen” gender=”female” company=”Chamlin, Rosen, Uliano & Witherington, NJ“]The staff at CoreTranz has been very helpful with everything. They definitely had better rates than my previous processor. They made setting up my new account and switching over very comfortable. I would recommend them to anyone.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Robert” gender=”male” company=”Flagler College Book Store, FL“]CoreTranz is great! I love them! I’ve been very happy with everything, especially the pricing. They did everything they could to make my new plan happen. My new terminals work great and my new gift cards are starting to sell![/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Mari” gender=”female” company=”Flagler Cats, Bunnell, FL“]The service was absolutely excellent and I am very happy with our plan. We couldn’t afford to accept credit cards before, but CoreTranz did a great job of setting us up.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Angela” gender=”female” company=”Palm Coast Wireless, Palm Coast, FL“]My experience with CoreTranz is amazing! Their staff is always very helpful. They always answer my calls and provide helpful walkthroughs to my questions.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Brenda” gender=”female” company=”This & That Treasures, Flagler Beach, FL“]I have already saved a lot of money with the One Flat Fee plan and my experience with CoreTranz was so good I’ve already recommended them to 3 of my friends and colleagues.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Kathy” gender=”female” company=”Farley’s Pub, Palm Coast, FL“]After losing power, our terminal needed to be reprogrammed which was not working. We were overnighted a new terminal. We are very grateful that you have taken such good care of us. Even to have the owner of the company come by and make sure everything was okay. Thank you, thank you![/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Nancy” gender=”female” company=”Murray Hill Cleaners, Stirling, NJ“]I like the way they handled our business. Their service was very good and so is the One Flat Fee program. I would recommend it to everybody.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Paulo” gender=”male” company=”Eagle Auto Clinic, Palm Coast, FL“]I had a great experience with no problems. They were very knowledgeable and helpful in explaining what their One Flat Fee program could offer![/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”John” gender=”male” company=”Dub’s Subs, Cranford, NJ“]I like saving money. I was with SunTrust for so many years and they took advantage of me. I am very happy with CoreTranz and have recommended them to several people. When I had a problem, it was solved very quickly that same day.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”John” gender=”male” company=”Haley Family Electric, Palm Coast, FL“]The staff was knowledgeable, professional, and were absolutely helpful in meeting my expectations. The experience was excellent and I’m excited for my new plan![/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Bonnie” gender=”female” company=”A-1 Award Locksmith, New York“]Switching was so easy. The customer service was excellent.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Matt” gender=”male” company=”AM, California“]The monthly savings were incredible.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Gary” gender=”male” company=”AHEC, Denver, CO“]It’s nice to know somebody out there really cares. I couldn’t believe it when I got the phone call from the customer service department notifying me of fraudulent charges on my account. The customer service department assured me I wouldn’t be responsible for the charges and took care of the problem with my bank directly. My old company would have never done that for me.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Jeannie” gender=”female” company=”CWR, Manasquan, NJ“]It is a pleasure to work with such a nice professional company.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Mike” gender=”male” company=”Brookdale, Lincroft, NJ“]The customer service that your staff provided regarding the installation of the terminal was outstanding. They were very patient and worked hard to resolve my problems which turned out to be on our side. Again please express my thanks to your staff for their professionalism and patience. They are very dedicated to their customers and it is very appreciated.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”John” gender=”male” company=”Palm Coast Observer, Palm Coast, FL“]CoreTranz staff’s knowledge, professionalism, and helpfulness exceeded all expectations. I was setup so quick and easy.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Donna” gender=”female” company=”JDS Securities, Palm Coast, FL“]I’m so happy about my new savings! I greatly appreciate all the effort that the staff at Coretranz has provided to help resolve my issues. The staff was so efficient and helpful.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Ilda” gender=”female” company=”Exhale Spa, Palm Coast, FL“]Getting setup was so simple and easy! I understand the LPG, but I know I will not need to use the policy because I am not going to change. I am very happy with Coretranz and I don’t ever see the need to change.[/testimonial]



[testimonial name=”Debbie” gender=”female” company=”FL Pools, Naples, FL“]The staff at CoreTranz was very prompt, and were very good at providing all the information I needed. My experience with them has been very wonderful and easy.[/testimonial]


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