gift-cardGift Card Program

  • Earn up to $15,000 annually in new business
  • National Average Balance: $50
  • 61% Of Customers Spend more than the card balance
  • Increase average customer trips to store
  • 90% of the Top 200 Retailers use gift cards

Customized gift card programs are one of the fastest growing services in the payment industry. Once only available to large chains and stores, now high-quality plastic gift cards are available to small and medium size merchants at an affordable price. Read below about the great features and benefits that may be had through our quality gift card programs.

  • Increase marketing opportunities
  • Retain existing customers
  • Gain more walk-in customers
  • Increase store traffic
  • Allow convenient customer self-selection
  • Increase impulse purchases
  • Reduce fraud associated with paper programs
  • Higher perceived value than paper certificates
  • Reduce duplicate use
  • Reduce accounting and administrative costs
  • Keep dollars in your store

Choose from a variety of pre-made styles imprinted with your business name or have us order you cards complete with custom graphics.

 ALSO AVAILABLE – LOYALTY CARD PROGRAMS – Reward customers for shopping at your store.


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