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Check Facts

► 48 trillion dollars in checks written annually

► 49.6 billion checks written annually in the USA

► Check fraud costs 10 billion dollars annually

► 75 million Americans do not have a credit card

Conversion with Guarantee

Receive up to the program maximum on checks that are returned. This program delivers a streamlined acceptance process that eliminates returned check fees and guarantees you will get paid on your checks.

Check Conversion

This program takes a paper check and converts it into an electronic transaction much like a credit card. This is done by taking an image of a check instead of depositing and is then returned to the customer as their receipt.

Check Guarantee

Guarantee will authorize your checks and guarantee that you will receive your funds. Unlike conversion programs, with Guarantee you are still required to deposit checks in your bank and wait for them to clear.


With this program, you can accept checks online, on your PC, or over the phone via our secure gateway. The routing and the ABA number printed on the check is used to process the transaction.

Features Include

• Reduces check fraud
• Secure, automated processing
• Speeds up customer checkout
• Reduce or eliminate check losses
• Accept checks as easily as credit cards
• Improve cash flow and fund availability
• No need to go to bank to deposit checks
• Directly debit your customers’ bank account
• Provides easy reconciliation and record-keeping
• Accept checks on your computer/website with ease
• Eliminate returned check fees and reduce bank fees
• Reduce labor costs associated with check processing


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